Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Changing Face of Online Marketing

By aisha danna

Dollar for clicks are ‘in’ directory submissions are ‘out’

The Internet and its changing trends are nonchalance when it comes to taking a plunge and moving on. Sooner than the changing seasons, the trends and practices of the World Wide Web and its marketing alter! And the implications of these altercations reflect with the varying trends and makeover of all the web services and practices related to it.

Keywords were a sweltering phenomenon in SEO copy writing until a few months back when Google changed sides and discarded keyword writing for the new mantra of Web publishing and Online marketing services, termed as the LSI.

Yahoo’s directory listings were a must have position for any website looking for immediate publicity some time back! Today if it’s not the first page then Yahoo directory listings don’t matter at all!

Directory submissions have given way to dollar clicks or PPC, while keyword writing has been swiped of the priority list my LSI! Some may term them, as the ruthless trends of the changing face of Internet marketing while some would put it differently!

Dynamic, innovative, altering and progressive, the trends of the Internet are hard to follow, not forgetting the scope and expanse of the medium- the word wide web! Web marketing or Online marketing solutions range from affiliate marketing, viral publicity campaigns to Search engine marketing, paid inclusions, email marketing, paid/unpaid submissions, search engine optimization and a whole lot more.

The intent of online marketing solutions being to reach as many numbers as possible and tap prospective business and traffic to respective sites. The situation complicates, as the Internet is a medium far different and powerful than any other medium. Tactful application of resources has the power to make a ‘rag-to-riches’ story while indiscreet application of sources may leave you bankrupt trying to market your product with no effective results!

The most power tool of online promotion being the Search engines one needs to follow trends and keep you updated with developments. Popularly known as the GYM (Google, Yahoo & MSN) these are the movers and shakers on the present day Internet. Google taking the lead; these absorb and cater to more tan 90% of the web traffic.

Operating on different USP’s , all the three search engines have services that they offer to one and all and hence Search engine marketing and optimization are an integral part of any online marketing service providers ‘works-to-do’ list.

Consequently to carve your niche on the Wide web, it is central to keep oneself updated with the latest trends of the virtual marketing muddle and pick up the right combination of Online marketing solutions from the wide range of e-marketing services available today.


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