Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Meaning of Love

So, what is the meaning of love? Can the true meaning of love really be defined in any kind of objective way, or is the definition of love completely subjective and different for every person?

Perhaps as a reflection of the fact that the meaning of love is an intensely subjective thing, the dictionary has nearly 30 different definitions for the word “love.” The first love definition, “a passionate affection for another person,” is probably one that many romantic couples could relate to and understand. But just because this definition of love is widely accepted by people in a romantic relationship doesn’t mean that it’s the only meaning of love out there.

Another common theme on this topic is that each romantic relationship is extremely unique, with different
experiences and tastes that make up a dynamic that is exclusive as a single snowflake. Although we may agree on a textbook definition of love that can describe the meaning of love for most couples, there is really no way to accurately say what the meaning of love is for every lover in the world.

So, what’s the point of debating semantics when it comes to the meaning of love? Well, it’s to let you know that your own personal definition of love, even if it is something that differs from the majority of people out there, is nothing you should feel strange about. If the true meaning of love to you is something that you are comfortable with and if the way you define love doesn’t harm anyone else, then that is your prerogative and nothing you should be ashamed of.
More importantly, though, it is paramount that you and your lover share a common idea of what the meaning of love really is. If you and your significant other define the meaning of love differently, you’ll approach your romantic relationship and affection differently, and hurt feelings could be the result. If you haven’t yet, make sure you sit down with your sweetheart and ask them what the true meaning of love is to them. Share your real feelings about what love means, and if you define love in different terms, try to find common ground and come to a consensus about expectations in your relationship.

So, what is the definition or the true meaning of love? As you can probably figure out, love has a different meaning for everyone! Just make sure that your lover understands and appreciates your personal definition of love, and that you equally respect the meaning of love to them. When two people share a similar philosophy on what love means, there is no limit to the amount of romance they can add to their relationship!