Saturday, January 3, 2009

52 Social Media Ideas For HR and Recruiting

Michael Specht put this list together and I have looked at it and I think there is some great stuff here. Michael has been writing about HR and Recruiting for many years now on what is one of the first recruiting related blogs to ever hit planet Earth. Thanks Michael for spending the time to put this together.

52 Social Media Ideas for HR & Recruiting

1. Get out and personally engage with your peers, join groups such as Recruiting Blogs or HRM Today

2. Sign up for Twitter

3.Start an external blog on HR areas that interest you

4. Join groups on LinkedIn and contribute to the conversation

5. Get a feed reader and subscribe to blogs about HR & recruiting

6. Upgrade your internet usage policies so employees understand the "rules of engagement" with social media

7. Encourage your hiring managers to begin engaging with potential candidates before they are needed

8. Setup content watchlists and alerts to track suspects & prospects and your competitors key hires

9. Setup an internal tagging site to allow anyone in the company to "tag" external suspects who might be potential candidates

10. Use social bookmarking tools to collect links of sites and articles that are relevant to your hiring practices, share these amongst your peers

11. Teach managers how to use RSS, watchlists and alerts to find out when people are discussing your company and products, as they could be potential candidates

12. Publish exit interview results (remove incriminating personal content), encourage employees to comment and suggest ways to resolve the issues

13. Create a wiki for new policy or process development

14. Create an open 360 degree feedback tool that allows anyone in the company to rate and provide feedback on anyone else

15. Allow people to bid internal credits for additional project work, once complete the manager then rewards employees with additional credits to be used on other projects

16. Create an alumni social network to allow you to connect with ex-employees, retirees and long term leave employees, you might get some of them back

17. As part of outplacement activities provided online branding programs to manage their existing online reputation and to build a sustainable online presence.

18. Use these tools to focus on headcontent not headcount

19. Implement a microblogging tool, such as Yammer or Co-op, internally

20. Publish exit interview answers (personal details removed) on the internal intranet so everyone can see why people are leaving

21. Deploy a wiki on your careers web site and allow both successful and unsuccessful applicants to document your recruitment process

22. Implement a Live Chat feature on your careers page so if candidates have questions on jobs or your company they can contact recruiters, or the hiring manager directly

23. Instead of sending emails, write blog posts, tag them & refer employees to the key posts for information

24. Develop micro-training programs

25. Create a employee group on Facebook/MySpace to allow your employees to join together online

26. Get people blogging internally about their learning experiences, especially those expensive university courses, such as MBAs

27. Create a page on your intranet (maybe using Yahoo Pipes) to consolidate the WatchLists for key candidates and competitor hires, then share the link to your key hiring managers

28. Monitor sites like Glassdoor to see what people are saying about your HR practices

29. Have a blog setup for new employees before they arrive

30. Include training on blogs, wikis, and sharing tools as part of the induction program31.Invite new employees to post welcome messages on intranet, wiki, forum or blog (technology of your choice)

31. Invite new employees to post welcome messages on intranet, wiki, forum or blog (technology of your choice)

32. Conduct background research on candidates using search engines

33. SMS Interview reminders to candidates so they don't forget, or shift reminders if you are in retail or hospitality

34. Start a YouTube channel and allow anyone to post videos of their experience either working for, with or being recruited by your company

35. Create video's of mock interviews and post on YouTube

36. Create a cool company recruitment video and post it on YouTube, then pass it around a few friends and see what happens. (Don't know what a cool recruitment video is, then don't try.)

37. Create videos job ads for some of your key positions, post them on YouTube and link to them in the job ads

38. Create a jobs podcast to support major recruitment drives, such as graduates

39. Create podcasts on your interview process with sample questions and even sample answers to that you get the best results from your interview process

40. Add your company to Jiibe so the right people come to work for your organisation

41. Add a share on Facebook, Digg, Stumbleupon link to your job ads

42. Look at advertising job on social network sites such as Facebook or MySpace, of course the right type of job

43. Implement the My Company's Hiring Facebook application

44. Sponsor some blogs to help prospective candidates understand what it is like to work at your company, or what the recruitment process is like

45. Use social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, LinkMe, Twitter, World of Warcraft) to develop relationships with potential candidates

46. Use employee networks and your own social networks as referral networks for jobs

47. Run a Career Fair in SecondLife

48. Have your employees & managers run online career fairs, talk about life in the company, court potential talent using social media

49. Invite your new graduates to your company Facebook group before they join so they can begin engaging with people

50. Deliver induction/on boarding training via Facebook using the Udutu Teach Facebook application

51.Have multiple people involved in your campaign, in case someone leaves

52.Have fun!


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