Friday, January 2, 2009

Best Indian Web Startups in 2008

Large Scale Social Network has one of a first Indian based social networking portal after Google’s Orkut and has even manged to get large user base through excellent marketing strategies and brand i.e. Reliance. The portal is perpetually getting more user base even after months of its launch and one of a big reason being blog of Amitabh Bachachan on

Social News Portal

The ViewspaperThe ViewsPaper, a Gurgaon based web startup focussed at youth population of India and wants them to write for, in a concept of citizen journalism. with wide varieties of content to share with the paper in form of news, videos or anything that sounds a good opinion as youth voice.

Mobile Applications

Savitr TxtMe is successful custom mobile application in 2008 for varieties of use in Business, marketing, Website or social apps along with customized applications and solutions for startups & enterprises. Other worth to mention is

Mobile Search is much hyped and growing search service in Indian mobile internet users. A Bangalore startup incubated at premier Indian management institute IIM, Bangalore has really impressed the users with its search capabilities over the mobile.

Microblogging Service

KwippyKwippy is one mobile startup that has impressed me a lot in terms of its overall web performance be its UI, usability, services it offers, functionalities. Kwippy one among Twitter like services that has started in early 2008 yet it managed to outperform all the ones in India atleast, although SMSGupShup remain the most used one.

Social Bookmarking is one and only social bookmarking site in India that made a mark in 2008 though and remain the top social bookmarking sites in India.

Sports Portal is only sports category portal that made mark in 2008 in sports news and content in India, though it talk about Cricket only but what we could thought about sports in India apart from Cricket. Cricket360 has given a pretty good competition to’s monopoly.

Embeddable Widgets

Cricket360PrachaarThis remain the one and only startup in India in embeddable widgets category but and however we hope that we see more in this category from Indian startups arena in 2009 atleast.

User Generated Content Portal, once a social bookmarking service changed its model in 2008 and came up as user generated content portal and in year manged to be best among all user generated content portals in India when it comes to text based informative content.

Places & Events

Cricket360BuzzinTown is no doubt the best among all event based websites/ portals in India. is a portal owned by Wortal Inc., a US headquartered company, with a presence pan-India through India subsidiary. At present it provide events & entertainment updates for 13 cities in India.


RhyDhunRhyDhun is best of Music category application from MusicIndiaOnline, an India JukeBox with loads of features and stunning interface it remain the ace web startup in music category in India


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