Tuesday, January 20, 2009

China Education Alliance '360 Employment Database Bank' University Events

China Education Alliance, Inc. a leading distributor of educational resources, offering high quality programs and training both through online networks and an on-site training center in China, today, announced an exciting new development within their vocational education business. "360 Employment Database Bank", a vocational education business program, is an electronic recruiting platform that connects graduates with hiring enterprises.

"360 Employment Database Platform" includes over 50,000 student profiles featuring their education background, students' proprietary test scores, special skills and overall life achievements. The website also contains over 10,000 participating enterprises that are looking for skilled qualified job candidates. The goal of this program is to efficiently facilitate the career placement and employment training for college graduates seeking employment in China. Please visit for additional information regarding the platform.

In 2008, the number of college graduates in China has reached 5.6 million, the highest in recent years. Under the current economic outlook and tough employment condition, Chinese college graduates are more eager to receive additional career guidance and training than ever before. Under the China Education Alliance's vocational education programs, "360 Employment Database Bank" provides career planning lectures, employment and entrepreneurship training as well as campus recruitment. By combining psychology traits of students from different majors, China Education Alliance also meticulously designs and organizes a series of interesting and effective campus events. China Education Alliance's mission is to provide students with practical and employment tools in order to enhance their competitiveness in today's job market. "360 Employment Database Bank" program has been well received by many highly respected universities and the collaboration has achieved tremendous success.

Currently China Education Alliance is working with 27 famous state owned universities in Beijing including: Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Minzu University of China, Central University of Finance and Economics and 13 private colleges in Beijing including Beijing Jili University, Beijing Renwen University, Beijing Science Technology and Management College. China Education Alliance has invited well known career experts and professional leaders in China to be counselors for the program. These counselors include Ren Zhanzhong, Director of Beijing College Graduate Employment Center, Luo Shuangping, Research Associate of Chinese Academy of Personnel Science, Professor Ying Wengang, Doctoral Advisor of Institute of Psychology of Chinese Academy of Science and Gan Bin, famous personnel expert and training director of Beijing Human Resource Association for Foreign Enterprises. Student participants were very excited to have an opportunity to receive guidance from career experts as well as real life professionals.

Mr. Xiqun Yu, CEO of China Education Alliance commented, "We will continue our dedication to and providing Chinese college graduates with various, immediate and effective career development training in order to help solve the job placement issues in China. In order to achieve this goal, China Education Alliance is preparing to sign strategic agreements with large state owned enterprises, private companies as well as foreign enterprises based on joint cooperation. Our goal is to successfully translate specific skills into specially designed programs in order to meet job market demands. This way we can efficiently place as many graduates with different hiring companies as possible."

About China Education Alliance, Inc.:

China Education Alliance, Inc. is a fast growing, leading China-based company offering high-quality education resources and services to students ages 7 to 18 and adults ages 18+. For students ages 7 to 18, China Education Alliance, Inc. offers supplemental online exam-oriented training materials and on-site exam-oriented training and tutoring services. All resources and tutoring services are provided by famous teachers within mainland China. The purpose of online exam orientated resources and on-site tutoring is to help Chinese students ages 7 to 18 to pass the two most important, and highly competitive exams in their educational career: senior high school entrance exam and college entrance exam. For graduates and professionals age 18+, China Education Alliance provides vocational training including IT and Accounting training programs. In addition, as of April 2008, the Company has acquired 70% of the "World Exchange College of Language" English training business, headquartered in Toronto with sites expanding across China. Their comprehensive English programs are designed to assist graduates and professionals in learning the English language, both written and conversational in order to better able them to work for a foreign corporation or work-study abroad. For more information about CEUA, please visit .


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