Monday, January 12, 2009

Hiring? Two New Apps Simplify Job Postings and Resume Review

Even with the economy in its current state, many companies are still hiring. But when it comes to hiring in a down market, supply always exceeds demand, because there are always more people looking than jobs available. That can make it harder than ever for companies - especially small companies without a great deal of Human Resources infrastructure - to find that needle-in-the-haystack candidate they're seeking. Two new Web-based applicant management apps - Choosy and The Resumator - promise better management of job listings and candidate selection at a price that's affordable for any company.


imgChoosy.jpgChoosy is designed to help get all of those applicants from various job sites into one place for team review. It's a straightforward and simple system - with some very thoughtful technical features.

Given that HR tools aren't usually where one looks for technical innovation, I was pleasantly surprised to see Choosy using Clickpass to establish its accounts. This made setting up an account incredibly easy.

Once the account is set up, users can began adding job postings. Each posting automatically creates a reference page containing all of the job information - designed to be used as the reference URL in postings on job sites - and a form that allows applicants to upload a resume to apply for the job. There's also the option to upload other documents, like cover letters. The system even fires off an automated message, letting the applicant know that the resume has been received. (The only thing that would have made applying easier would have been the option to point to a LinkedIn page, instead.)

As resumes enter the system, you'll encounter the second thoughtful technical feature: Scribd integration. Thanks to Scribd, every resume is viewable through the Choosy. No need to download PDFs or convert file formats. Multiple users can review and rate the resumes. Or the team can decline the applicant with the option of sending a rejection letter.

All in all, Choosy does a fine job of simplifying the usually arduous process of collecting resumes and rating applicants. And it streamlines the all too often ignored communications between the applicant and the organization.

Companies can get one job posting with unlimited applicants and unlimited company users for free. Plans start at $24 per month, with a free 30-day trial.

The Resumator

imgResumator.jpgLike the idea of simplifying the hiring process but need more power? Then The Resumator may be exactly what you're seeking. The Resumator offers the same sort of functions as Choosy - including Scribd integration - but it adds a number of other interesting features to assist with promoting jobs and tracking the flow of resumes through the organization.

At every step of the way, The Resumator is more complex than Choosy. For some that may be a detractor, but for smaller companies that do a great deal of hiring or HR departments in larger organizations, that complexity - in the form of more granular information about the jobs, the applicants, and the review processes - should be a very welcome addition.

Enabling organizations to more easily review applicants is incredibly helpful. But there need to be some applicants to review. With that in mind, The Resumator appears to have focused a great deal of attention on the process of job listings - the thing that brings applicants in the door in the first place - from providing a simple line of code that allows companies to embed job listings on their site to helping them select and manage the right job boards for their postings:

"When you create a job, The Resumator examines it and works to find global, local and niche job boards for you to potentially advertise your position. Instead of defaulting to the big boards, you may find smaller boards at a lower cost that also deliver more-qualified candidiates."

But it doesn't stop there. As applicants encounter the postings and begin applying, the system collects metrics on which job postings and listing services the candidates are coming from - giving the organization a better idea of where to post jobs in the future.

Once the applicants are in the system, The Resumator allows the organization to collaborate on candidate review. In addition to applicant particulars, the service provides the organization with a 5-star rating system, an area for team comments, and a list of communications with the candidate - all of which are accessible to every member of the hiring team.

The Resumator is available for a flat fee of $59 per month for unlimited jobs, applicants, and users. Registration includes a 30-day free trial period.

So, Who Gets the Gig?

Both of the products do a laudable job of organizing applicants and introducing the "team" dynamic to candidate review. Both tools will save companies the disjointed and disorganized hassle of sharing resumes and feedback via email by moving the candidate review processes to a central location that the entire hiring team can share.

Choosy is simple and straightforward. For small organizations or companies that don't do a great deal of hiring, its ideal for managing the job listing and application process in a team environment - especially if you're sure of where your candidates can be found.

For organizations that are looking for more granular data and metrics - or who aren't sure where their best candidates live and breathe - The Resumator delivers the power of a much larger HR management system for a comparatively infinitesimal price.

It's up to you which way you go: streamlined or analytical. One thing is for sure: either solution will improve the hiring process with which you're struggling today.

Image courtesy woodleywonderworks. Used under Creative Commons.


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