Thursday, February 5, 2009

Are Indian Business Leaders Different?

From IndiaKnowledge@Wharton

I think Indians in general are very patriotic and passionate of being Indians and they are more emotional towards that compared to other countries in the world. That kind of culture has been in existent for so many centuries.

I reckon this passionate and high commitment (like the Japanese had just after World War II) is a clear competitive advantage that the Indian leaders are making use of along with the high level economic policy changes.

Here's the gist of what Indian Business Leaders do differently:
  1. They focus more on long-term vision and strategy

  2. They focus more on the internal work of motivating and supporting employees

  3. Shareholders and markets are not at the top of their list of priorities

  4. They tend to be more flexible, capable of engaging in meaningful ways with people at all levels.

When asked to define their most important work as leaders, the top 3 answers of CEO's studied were telling:
  • "Chief input for business strategy"

  • "Keepers of organizational culture"

  • "Mentors for their employees"
This shows how different is leadership when the boundaries are different... I think we are different!!!!


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