Monday, February 2, 2009

Goals: Use the power of ‘imaging’

All of our achievements and accomplishments – on the personal, family or career front – not necessarily in that order though – are completely connected to our ability/habit to set goals with deadlines, write them down on paper and review the progress regularly and with rigour.

This progress towards achievement of our goals is made easier by the power of imaging in the mind – once the image of the outcome is fed continuously to the mind, it is only a matter of time before the goal turns into reality. Imaging is the most potent tool of the mind, to achieve anything in life.

Here is a simple illustration of imaging in getting to goals. Just think of something which each one us had vividly visualized and it came to existence after sometime – in some cases just a few days, and sometimes after longer time – things like your parents being with you when you got that university topper gold medal, or getting wedded to a spouse who has the name you liked the most, or you became the head of your division. Actually, in a corner of your mind, that image kept lingering unconsciously, and it led to the outcome. In fact how fast the image came to be true in existence is directly linked to the intensity and power with which we had done the imaging exercise. For sure, all of us will have at least a couple of events or instances, wherein powerful imaging came into reality, without seemingly much effort. That goes to show how powerful imaging can be, and just think of what we could aspire for if we chose to use imaging consciously in our desire to make it big.

Use the power of imaging in the mind in anything you want to do – visualize yourself as someone looking fit and 10 kgs lesser, commit the same to paper, and read the same about five times a day, and you will naturally act to do whatever is needed to look like that. This is just an easy example; your goal can be anything you always wanted.

It may seem complex and arduous but reaching goals is so simple when you passionately image and visualize the outcome of what you intend to achieve. This power of imaging combined with the power of having the goals as a written statement in your wallet, propels and catalyses your journey to achieving what you never could have thought possible.

Creating and recreating the winning images in the mind will seem tough only initially. But that comes with practice and exercise. As they say in any success literature, there an average of about 60000 thoughts per day that come into the mind. So the moment we write down about 10 or 20 life goals, and begin imaging the outcome in the mind, the mind is tutored and trained to focus on these goals. It gets into the subconscious mind, and moving or working towards achievement of the goals becomes a 24/7 process and the dynamics of action towards goals gets embedded in the subconscious mind.

These exercises of the mind make getting to goals great fun and easy too. The minute the mind is exercised and stretched it does not rest until the moment the image that is fed to it becomes a reality in life.

Good looks, great knowledge in any subject, getting into your dream company, becoming a CEO…be it anything, you become the CEO of your life by harnessing the power of imaging and getting to goals.


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