Friday, February 6, 2009


By : Dilraj Singh, Retail Store Manager, Ode Collection

Don’t forget the power of POSTCARDS. Often that is all you need to get the basic message across.

I read this line when I was new to retail, In the age of 21, I started my retail business with a very small loan amount, one thing I was very much sure about was, as soon my retail will be popular in the area I will have too face heavy competitions. Retailers with more money, man power, better space, and better in everything will soon grow for competition.

So from the very first day we concentrated on customer relationship, and as I told you I read this line in a book and Implemented the policy, we started collecting the data of the customer and tried to write them before every season, In the beginning as we had lack of money I my self use to write it, it use to take four nights sitting but we use to do it manually to save money, our writing by hand was to save money but it gave a very good message to customer and we had excellent response from their side.

This I realized when one time we missed to write and customers started asking that we didn’t receive your post card this time, also after completing my 5 years I shifted my retail shop to a better and bigger market place you won’t believe what I got from customer was, you can feel the satisfaction when a customer who walks in says “Aree bhaiya hume to ab pata chla AAPNI shop yaha aa gayi hai”, you can understand the word AAPNI when a customers says this, it’s a big victory. Anyways I got excellent response although I shifted from the corner to the center of the city but relationship paid me a lot. Although I too am not able to work with that spirit now after being a bit bigger in volume but still my policy of customer relationship is on and instead of postcard I try to stay in touch with customers via s.m.s.

Some very easy tips for all you new guys please teach your staff and try to implement on your self too.

(1) A person without a smiling face shall not open a retail (keep smiling for your health and health of your business)

(2) Try to remember the customer by his name. In the next visit, if you succeed to call him with his name or if you remember what you have sold him last time you will win him all.

(3) If you are attending the customer try to leave him till delivery or payment counter and bid him goodbye.

(4) Sales oriented billing staff why not??{I have observed that a billing staff never try to sell for e.g. ask your billing staff to keep talking with the customer while making the bill, a customer who is buying a dress for baby must be told by the billing staff that your store is selling baby napkins at very good price and so on.}

(5) Try to tell your customer about your upcoming collection or stocks, like we started telling them that this Diwali we will be having great stuff around a month before, or if it takes time to get the Bill ready we ask him, sorry actually half of the staff is preparing for Diwali so we took a little more time of yours. In this way you said him sorry for taking more time and told him that you are heavily preparing for Diwali.

(6) Always remember selling is a noble job, as you satisfy a customers need.

(7) Do a good deed for your customer and be happy for the day.

(8) Try to give a extra touch to your customer{you have to observe what extra you can give with your product}like I m having a Greeting card shop I write on the card with calligraphy and for that customers come to me from far away may be it is difficult for the organized sector but this is what will make you win.

(9) Try to observe your customer while he is busy in purchasing and soon you will find some of the problem he faces in your store.

(10) While selecting your staff try to manage a staff from all over India, what I want to say is is your staff must have members form different region they will tell you about their festivals and attend their customers in the regional language, that create a big difference.

Happy Selling!!!!

Dilraj Singh

Ode Collection,



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