Monday, April 27, 2009

HR Online Recruitment Mashup

Do you recruit using or Monster or any online recruiter? Do you want a way to automatically post your jobs internally and externally? We have a very competitive offering that can help you do just that.

This business mashhup combines the implementation of an internal recruitment process with different kinds of job services, which are available in the internet or a company's intranet. These (online) services enable to find, recruit and/or retain potential candidates.

Every organization has continuous or recurring staff requirements. This Mashup can help to optimize and standardize the entire application and recruitment process.

In some cases there is a lack of human resources - not enough/unsuitable job seekers. Hence, it is very promising to integrate different kinds of job service, e.g. sourcing of candidates through Job-Boards or other stored date - into the recruitment process.

This mashup supports the enhancement of the quality of resources recruited and the reduce the time it takes for the whole application and recruitment process.

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