Monday, June 8, 2009

Modeling vs Coding

You have heard about modeling that will replace coding. Or maybe you haven't?

So, quick explanation. Modeling creates metadata. The metadata is interpreted by some framework or engine. The framework or engine run something according to the metadata thus, according to the modeling.

Nice, no coding for the one who models, very sophisticated coding for the one who writes the engine.

But is it true, is this really the next step in world of software development?

First, what does it mean to model?

You start with a modeling environment, hopefully, a graphic one. You start to draw some model. After the easy graphic phase of drawing some shapes and name them, you start with the details.

The details are never easy. You think about the relationship between the shapes you just draw, you think about the process that these shapes are part of.

Congratulations, you are programming!!!

It is not code, it is partially graphical, but it is coding in a new language.

So, what would you prefer?

Coding or Modeling?

Please leave your answer in the comments below.