Sunday, June 28, 2009

News: India Inc. taps Gay Market

There is some good news for the LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bi-sexual Transgenders) community in India. Signaling a major shift in its once unyielding stand, the government of India has for the first time indicated it's willingness to review the 150 year old law that makes homosexuality a criminal offense.

And corporate India is boldly tapping into the hitherto 'under the carpet' gay clientele. India's first LGBT Pride Store, fittingly called Azad Bazaar (, is set to launch online operations in a fortnight.

Two women entrepreneurs from Mumbai co-founded the store after encouraging response to exhibitions held at parties in Mumbai and Delhi.

The store's philosophy is to "create ways that members of the LGBT community and its supporters can make statements of freedom and pride while still having fun with naughty one-liners" explain the gutsy entrepreneurs.

50 per cent of their customers are straight and none of the products offend Indian sensibilities. The products range from slogan T shirts, mugs, key chains and earrings to butch biker wristbands, leather cushions and shot glasses.

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