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Received this wonderful one in mail today and was worth sharing.

"In real life, grades do not produce value.
The value is in how effectively the learning is applied."



In the summer of 1974, in an Applied Mathematics class under Professor Ho. During the very first class, while the Professor was going over the course curriculum, students repeatedly kept asking questions about his grading system, bell curve percentages and things to do with how the final mark was worked out. When asked one too many times, Professor Ho said, "Well, if everyone deserves a C then everyone will get one."

The next class was half the size of the first one. Many students had decided to drop out after listening to Professor Ho's explanation of his grading system.

At the end of the semester, when the day of reckoning arrived, the students were astonished to see that everyone had gotten either an A or B. There were no grades lower.

One students curiosity got the better of them and they asked Professor Ho, "If this is what the end result is, why did you scare off half the students with your comment about C grades in the first meeting?"

According to Professor Ho, the primary purpose of going to school should be learning, and not finding ways to manage or manipulate indicators like grades to get by. "Jumping from one class to another or from one Professor to another just to get grades does not build a strong foundation or lasting learning, which is neither a benefit to the students or to society."


Later, Professor Ho revealed a secret that some students had not done well in the exams (one time sitting) but he graded them based on his observation of how much commitment they had demonstrated in real learning and effort. He believed that those students would go a long way in life and career.

A friend 4 ever
Relations are all about three things -
Winning, Losing and Sharing.
Winning heart,
Losing ego
Sharing joy & sorrow.
So always be related.

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