Thursday, July 2, 2009

Deep Change (in attitude)

I live in India, and I have seen something... it doesn't matter if you have a great or very very bad background, if you have or you don't have education, if you have or don't have your family support, society, friends, etc. what it does matter if your attitude.

I have seen many people in very difficult situations and they achieved many thing in their life, some overcame poverty, and now they have better income than many in my region. But this change is due to their own attitude change, they dreamed what they wanted and they were eager to sacrifice themselves, doing huge effort until they achieved their goal.

Most of the people in poverty situations they don't want a change, if they really wanted that, I would like to see them doing everything they can to create their own solutions, but guess what, instead they want to receive the benefits of solutions without any effort from their side.

I´m sorry if you are planning macro economics, or micro economics, solving problem practices, but, i have seen many people with all this kinds of resources and they didn't get any better than they were before, just because they didn't change their attitude.

Just think about it, imagine two situations. One is just waiting for someone to come and gives them everything they need. And the other making tremendous efforts to create that reality for them. Who is going to change their status and keep improving in any situation?

In my family I have seen my parents, aunts, uncles, and many more, they worked from 6 AM to midnight for many years, and when someone came and ask for money without any disability, or mental problem, or something that I know they aren't truly capable of achieving for themselves, we offer them job when available, and we tell them that by just working they can change their situation ... and guess what, none of these people are wiling to do anything, if we arrange activities for them in our business, they don't show up the first day, or if they come they do not last for 3 or 2 business days.

Maybe, an easy manual of how to change your attitude, could be the solution for overcoming poverty, only each person can change his own attitude, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to create a tool for every person to follow their own path in their attitude change, and life change.

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