Friday, July 10, 2009 » Effortless Energy

By: Rohit » Effortless Energy

This is a video about kinetic road plates that generate power when people either drive or walk over them. The energy is generated through vibrations and some of these projects are already installed in parts of Japan (see the video below).

Two billion people on the planet remain without access to electricity. They continue to burn kerosene, candles, wood, and dung which are dangerous, polluting, and unhealthy. Since most of these people are located in remote rural areas of the developing world, it is unlikely that grids will be extended any time soon to bring them electrical service. Even if this were possible, the giant increases in green house gas emissions and other pollutants associated with fossil fuel-based power make such extensions potentially devastating to the environment.

It would be great for all of us if we could envision cheap and effective means for renewable energy generation.

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