Friday, July 31, 2009

Is your CV blunder free?

Recession is in, jobs are a rarity, but applicants are plenty. In such a cut throat race the need to have an error free CV (Curriculum Vitae) is very important. Candidates today are trying to make their resumes different and impressive, so that they stand out. In the process, they end up making major blunders. A badly written resume ends up in the dustbin, completely knocking out the candidate's chance of getting a job.

A recent research done by TeamLease Services, a staffing company found that 90 percent of the randomly selected 500 CVs had 'some or the other form of error.' With piles of job applications available to HR managers, it is doubtful if erroneous CVs would be entertained.

Here are few of the top blunders made in a resume:

  1. Biography: Marital Status - Yes

  2. I laugh easily, but do not suffer fools gladly. I expect the same effort as others as I give myself.

  3. Weakness: Fresher

  4. Interests: Open to learn, make others laugh and feel happy, enjoys the nature.

  5. Family details: Father - Death

  6. Objective: To always spread positively within the branch and reduce the grape vine.

  7. Notice Period: Minimum two (1) month.

  8. Career Objective: To consistently develop by learning and sharing skills with a focus on the ultimate objective in order to achieve higher goals in conjunction with the growth of the organization and to set a name and be recognized in the industry.

  9. Marital Status: Marriage

  10. Profile: To prepare the whole film production plane and financing plane.

  11. Contact Email:

  12. Areas of strength: My background to date has been centered on grooming myself as a well-rounded person.

  13. I am quietly forceful, original and sensitive.

  14. Languages known: English (Good), Malayalam (Native), Hindi and Tamil.

  15. Career Objective: Seeking a final placement in any organization to untilize the plethora of skills I have developed during my whole career.

The study revealed that many resumes are written in great haste and no attention is paid to detail. Candidates in an attempt to impress go overboard and consequently make a mockery of their bio-data. "The situation worsens when candidates make silly mistakes due to sheer oversight and sometimes overconfidence. A CV is the first piece of information about a candidate that reaches the potential recruiter. It is always advisable to have one's bio-data proof read and checked by professionals, or someone proficient in English.

So, is your CV blunder free?


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