Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kensington Launches World’s Biggest USB Pen Drive

The days when you plugged your tiny pen drive into your notebook or PC may be over; memory maker Kingston Monday unveiled the 256GB DataTraveler 300 — more hard drive space than many desktop or laptop computers.

Kingston has come up with the DataTraveler 300, a 256GB USB Drive, which is quite an impressive capacity for such a format. That pretty much tops the biggest SSD drives in 2.5" form-factor. Of course, you might not have the fancy controller and you won’t get SATA II performance levels, but the idea that you can backup most laptop hard drives on a single USB key is awesome. The sheer capacity is impressive, if you are willing to pay $900. Obviously, there are cheaper ways to backup, but most won't fit in this form-factor.

This pen drive isn’t meant to transfer a few MP3s or an occasional Word or Excel file. No, the European branch of Kingston reports the DataTraveler has bigger tasks in mind, like 51,000 images or 365 CDs.
Could this signal a flash memory NetBook is possible?
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