Sunday, July 26, 2009

Subscribers Are Vital For An Online Marketing Growth Strategy

Adam Singer has posted an interesting post "Subscribers Are Vital For An Online Marketing Growth Strategy" on his blog "Online Marketing Blog" where he reveals the importance of having a commuhity to your online brand.

Singer has 9 points; the details to each of those can be found at his blog.

  1. The ~11% of web users who know to use RSS include the users savvy enough to be web publishers

  2. You’ll become a go-to area to link to

  3. Subscribers are your sneezers

  4. A base of well-connected fans could very well be the cornerstone of your social marketing strategy

  5. Community is what makes sites worth visiting

  6. Subscribers will motivate you to create better content

  7. Consolidated network presence is the most effective

  8. Social proofing

  9. Subscribers and a fan base make you less reliant on push PR

My Favorite is:

#7 A consolidated network presence is the most effective

A simple, effective way to have your messages make the largest impact is to build one consolidated source for distribution. Once you’ve chosen that place, focus on funneling as many people to subscribe to it as possible and make it the authoritative voice for your brand or industry. Spawn satellite networks too, but with the purpose of feeding the main hub. Don’t lose sight that the end goal is to create one popular area.
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