Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mobile Innovations in India

Innovation isn’t thinking about bright new ideas but using ideas from one section and applying it to another. Several innovations that I came across in India truly fits the description. Let’s look at two such  mobile innovations and how they impact our society.

Nano Ganesh:

To operate the irrigation pumps, villages and rural locations in India are often marred by fluctuations in power supply, difficult terrain, fear of animals on the way to pumps, hazardous locations of the pumps along the river or water storage beds, shock hazards, rains etc. Nano Ganesh is a GSM Mobile based remote control system exclusively for the use with water pump sets in agriculture areas.

Nano Ganesh

The need of Nano Ganesh aroused from the routine problems faced by the farmers in operating the pumps. A farmer has to simply dial a number dedicated for a Nano Ganesh set and then punch his on or off code for the control of the pump set. It can be connected to any existing electrical starter and motor pumps. Hence, there is no necessity of replacing the pumping set. With bulk of our GDP coming from agriculture, I think products like Nano Ganesh are super-important to keep the sector blooming.

On the deployment of the system, a pre-set code is given to the farmer to switch on/off the pumpset. In order to switch on the set a farmer has to call up the number of the mobile phone attached in the starter panel. One can confirm the availability of the power in the pumpset by a long beep sound, which will be signaled from the receiving end during the call Followed by the confirmation of availability of the power, the caller has to dial a preset code provided for the user to switch on the pump set.

Once the code is dialed the user has to confirm his function by a feedback tone and then cut the call. For switching off the pumpset, the same process has to be repeated and a different preset code is entered to switch off the pumpset.

To make the phones easily accessible to the farmer community basic phones like Nokia 1100 have been deployed. The modem is also available with a theft proof inbuilt device called ‘Nano Ganesh Hanuman’, whereby its installation will also ensure alert in case of theft attempt near the pump area related to pumpset cable, panel or pump itself.

Priced between Rs.560 and Rs.1700, more than 5,000 farmers are using the application.


An ecofriendly software application, developed by New Delhi-based Mobimonster 2.0, GreenPhone allows one to save on the phone’s battery and charger life.

Greenphone alerts you to several power consumption modules of your phone so that you can remove the charger or shut down the unwanted services to preserve power and in turn help saving the environment.

Greenphone has advanced algorithms that help the software quickly get call back from the device when the battery is “optimally” charged, Bluetooth, WLAN are active and there is no data transfer and when the backlight is not in use, Greenphone shuts it down.  Greenphone aims to alert the user by means of SMS so that you know when the phone is using resources which are not required.

The firm allows users to download the application free for trial, but charges $15 for constant use.

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