Monday, June 15, 2009

Java App Store

Sun Microsystems used its JavaOne tech conference in San Francisco to publicly launch the Java Store, a new offering for consumers looking to easily purchase Java and JavaFX mobile applications.

The Java Store's web site, available at, is currently in beta mode, though will officially open to U.S. internet users sometime in 2009. Sun is now inviting developers to submit their JavaFX and Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE) programs to the Java Warehouse for consideration in the store.

As Oracle inches towards officially buying out Sun, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison made an appearance at JavaOne, promising to help increase Java use by computer users across the world.

Kickstarted by Apple with its App Store, an increasing number of companies are creating app stores targeting consumers. Apple has an established store, Sun's store is currently in beta, and companies such as Nokia plan to sell apps directly to consumers.

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