Saturday, January 17, 2009

Advertising lessons learnt from a Cat

Human Beings originated from Animals and now they are termed as the most advanced animals because, we have the most developed brains and it is difficult for any other specie to think like us. But then also, there are various thins which we can learn from different animals and implement in our life. Here I'm telling you about advertising lessons I learnt from a Cat:
  • Persistence : A cat will stick his nose, head-butt, bite and will do anything to his master in order to get food and even if you are busy you have to do that because of its persistence. This can be true for getting a call back. It can be true for securing certain positioning and pricing. And it certainly speaks to one of the older communication delivery metrics in the media business: frequency.

  • Pattern recognition: Take full advantage of the data that yields from the advertising activity being conducted and determine what it can predict for you. While data is interesting on its own for what it provides the historically bent and intellectually curious, its ability to predict is its real strength. Tests, observations and data are, for all businesses and disciplines, really only trying to predict the future.

  • Use of Cute Objects and Things: A cat with green eyes look very cute an people don't feel like hurting them in any ways. Same is true in advertising. Kids and animals have been used for years to sell product, but too often those of us in advertising think that we're smarter than being taken in by kids and animals, and we try to find some other way to appeal to customers that has a basis in the rationale. Still people are finding out new ways in form of cartoons etc. to make there advertisement look cuter.

  • Decision Makers: Another thing that a cat teaches us that, it is the heart and the stomach that decide what is to be done. In advertising it means that the product should be advertised in such a manner that it is shown satisfying one or the other need of the consumer and it should also look good to the eye and should build some emotions in the heart.

  • Seeing in the dark: Another thing that a cat teaches us is that, we should be able to look in the dark i.e. we should be bold enough to take decisions which in normal circumstances look very weird and also very restricting.

These are just a few things that we can learn a Cat in terms of advertising. There are other animals too and all show some peculiar behavior. Try recognizing it and applying it in your business. Don't forget to tell me if you find something interesting.


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