Monday, January 12, 2009

Idntiti: Non-text based Community Rating Tool

IDNTITI is a community rating tool from a San Jose, CA based company providing Reputation & Identity related information about any entity in a clean and crisp quantitative manner. The tool allows you to rate any Person, Company, Product/Service (launching shortly), etc., that user have been associated with and have an opinion on.

Entities currently rated on the site include Google, HP, Intel, Infosys and currenttly infamous Satyam Computers and other companies, schools and colleges from India along with US, Japan, Germany, UK etc.The site also allows users to sign-in through open-ID or Google/Yahoo/Facebook/ AOL login IDs

Users can contribute the parameters being rated. The parameters are rated on a 0 to 10 scale. Semantic analytics can be easily done in a single click. No text based review is allowed, thus helping readers a quick understanding on the reputation of any entity.

It’s a way of looking at ratings in a social networking set-up. By becoming a member, user can invite his community to rate anything, look at their connected members ratings, filter data based on demographically similar people, re-compute score based on parameters that are important to each user. Therefore the rating is now customized and very relevant for every user.


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